Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Hand Made Gift Ideas

Looking for something different, then check this out.

Sewing and Fabric Craft

Now this is really interesting if you are looking to expand your sewing and fabric craft ideas.

Hand Painting on Dolls.

Found this lovely idea to do with the children.

Craft Show and Tell

There are many wonderful ideas for you to make and sell in your local markets and between your friends.

Found these

Found these.

Craft Techniques and Projects

This is an interesting item I have found, full of useful tips and ideas.

Flower Craft

I have been looking for something that will compliment what I am doing and found this.
Whether you are looking to make them for yourself and use them as home decor or wear in your hair, so many ideas for you to choose from.

toys eyes

Making toys, need a set of eyes, I found these.  I hope you like them.

Heart Shaped Buttons

 Great little heart shaped buttons.  I have been looking for something interesting to put on some of my work.
I hope you like them like I do.

Doodle Art

Sometimes before I start a project I have a doodle and get my ideas flowing that way.
This little item could inspire you.

My favourite Craft Book

Over the years I have found this little book a real gem.  I hope that you will too.
I think it is so full of interesting and yet somehow lovely ideas to make for you friends and family.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Wonder Web -

Regular-weight fusible bonding web. Washable and dry cleanable. Join fabric layers without stitching by inserting Stitch Witchery and ironing. Great for hems, trims, belts and more. 1 roll contains 20 yds of 5/8" wide web.

Thursday, 15 May 2014


Have now got the catalogues of VOGUE, BUTTERICK, KWIKSEW MCCALL with great new ideas for crafts, and amazing retro wear.  Wedding dresses galore.  I am surprised how beautiful they all are.

I have difficulty choosing which one is my favourite.  In the past I have used all of the above for one project or another and have found them great to work with.

However, I understand that money is tight for most of us just now being in a crises, so would highly recommend looking at Kwiksew as the prices are the best. They are selling them between 3.00€ - 5.00€ where as the others are selling at much higher prices.

If you are interested in having a look just email me to arrange a viewing of the catalogues.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Sewing Machines - New

Are you looking to buy a new sewing machine, update an older model.
Here is an excellent place to find your new machine., Inc.

Tela Bella Estepona

Are you looking for a source of material - do you live in Estepona.
Here is a new shop that has recently opened.
Tela Bella
Fabric - decoration, dress,
events - weddings,
by the metre - wholesale

Make up service
Curtains, Voiles, Blinds
Soft Furnishings

teL:952 794 883
620 626 168